Real Estate Videography

Packages can be altered upon request

When it comes to selling a property, pictures alone just don’t do the property justice.

With virtual tours becoming increasingly popular for remote buyers and investors; we take it one step further, creating a complete visual experience to attract and entice buyers completely.

We work several types of corporate videos, including realtor commercial productions and real estate videos. As Orange County real estate videographers, we are experts at capturing the best highlights of each property, from the most intricate decor to the vast expanse of the yard and surrounding neighborhood.

Real Estate Videos – What to Expect?

Our real estate videos are the perfect way to showcase residential and commercial property. We go to great lengths to capture all of a property’s features, including any unusual quirks that make it unique. This sometimes includes vast, sweeping panoramic views using our 4K drone and sales-focused interviews with the real estate agents themselves, to add an extra professional touch.

You will be assigned a videography team that will use their expertise to present the property in the best possible light to buyers.

Orange County real estate videographers you can trust to generate sales

We have plenty of experience with real estate productions and clients that continuously hire us for repeat work. Why? Because our corporate video production generates sales.

70% of those looking for a new home watch videos online.

With tailor-made real estate videos and flexible pricing available there is no reason you shouldn’t hire us to sell your next property. Scale is not an issue, we can make small spaces look bigger and can make mansions seem intimate and homely. We enjoy taking on real estate video challenges.

Use our real estate videos to sell properties at the full asking price. Contact us now for your next real estate video.










Moore Productions is dedicated to being professional, affordable and an accessible video team to all. We use state-of-the-art equipment to create stunning videos for our clients, reaching people all around the globe. We are a team of talented and dynamic videographers who love to be challenged with new and engaging projects. The good news is, we are hear to listen!

You can contact Moore Productions in a number of ways. Feel free to call/text us at (949) 880-6644, chat with us online or complete the submission form below. We will get back to you within minutes.